pz thread members pose in front of the green bicycle program building

THREAD5 club members posed outside the Green Bike Program building at Pitzer (Club Co-President Iza Harris ’26 is seated, center; Co-President Bella Hottenrott HMC ’26 is seated above her). PHOTO COURTESY OF ELLIE ATTISANI SCR ’26)

Dressing Up the 5Cs in Sustainable Fashions

When she started PZ Threads in 2019, Tasha Gardiner-Feldman ’23 had a clear purpose: She wanted to educate her classmates and others on the value of the clothes already hiding at the bottom of their closets.

tasha gardiner feldman holds up a copy of PZ Threads

Tasha Gardiner-Feldman ’23 with her PZ Threads magazine.

PZ Threads challenged the popularity of “fast fashion,” a term referring to the ethically questionable practices behind the clothes promoted by the apparel industry. That includes the considerable waste of resources and the exploitation of an underpaid labor force, all to keep up with public demand for the hottest new trends. Gardiner’s club started out as a Pitzer-centric effort that produced a magazine and hosted fashion shows and bazaars to foster excitement about vintage clothing and its stylish possibilities.

Though there was uncertainty that PZ Threads would continue after Gardiner-Feldman’s graduation, it is thriving today and has expanded into a 5C-wide club. This year, the club’s leadership includes Co-Presidents Iza Harris ’26 and Bella Hottenrott HMC ’26.

“When I began running the club with Bella, after brainstorming a bit about what to name the club, we renamed it THREAD5 with the number 5 to keep its essence while affirming that everyone is welcome,” Harris explained. “We talked to our members, and everyone felt that it was only appropriate to emphasize that we are open to students from all the 5Cs.”

Since the fall, THREAD5 has held a fashion show as well as a bazaar on the Pitzer Mounds open to students from The Claremont Colleges. During the bazaar event, students sipped on free coffee as they shopped with different student vendors. The bazaar, fashion show, and other activities are a vibrant way of connecting students with the sustainability ethos.

Harris said the club has more activities planned for later this year. Follow @thread5c on Instagram for the club’s latest updates.