Family Weekend 2021 Schedule

There’s so much in store for you at Pitzer College Family Weekend 2021! We have a fantastic weekend planned, including a broad array of faculty lectures, events with President Melvin L. Oliver, family socials, and more. Please join us for an extraordinary lineup of distinguished faculty and special guests who look forward to spending time with you.

Family Weekend is a great event and opportunity to connect with others in the Pitzer community. We hope you’ll join us! This schedule is tentative, and we will be updating it regularly. Sessions will be recorded and available on Pitzer@Home On Demand at a later date. Please check back for the latest developments and email us at with any questions.


Featured Family Weekend Events:

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  • Friday, February 12
    1 p.m. Family Lounge Opens
    2 p.m. Session A:
    Does Economics Need a Press Agent? Attracting Diversity into the Major
    Menna Bizuneh, Associate Professor of Economics and Scholar-In-Residence

    Session B:
    Hijacking Reproduction: The Costly Antics of Selfish Genes, Chromosomes, and other Components of the Cell
    Patrick M. Ferree, Associate Professor of Biology

    3 p.m. Session A:
    SNL’s “Africa Tourism” and #endSARS: A Week in Media in 2020
    Ruti Talmor, Associate Professor of Media Studies and Chair of the Intercollegiate Media Studies Program of the Claremont Colleges

    Session B:
    After the Capitol Assault
    Will Barndt, Associate Professor of Political Studies

    4 p.m. Session A:
    Organizational Studies and the Praxis of a Pitzer Liberal Arts Education
    Barbara Junisbai, Associate Professor of Organizational Studies

    Session B:
    “Part of Something Larger”: Integrating Contemplative Practices to Combat the Public Health Epidemic of Loneliness in the Context of Social Inequities
    Kathleen S. Yep, Professor of Asian American Studies

    5 p.m. Protest Songs in the Struggle for Social Justice: A Conversation
    Adrian Pantoja
    6 p.m. How the COVID-19 Pandemic Changed my Teaching and Advising for the Better
    Marcus Rodriguez
  • Saturday, February 13
    8 a.m. Rise and Shine: Meditation and Yoga
    9 a.m. Community Welcome for Pitzer Families with President Melvin L. Oliver
    11 a.m. Session A:
    Engagement for Systemic/Structural Change
    José Z. Calderón, Professor Emeritus of Sociology and Chicano/a-Latino/a Studies

    Session B:
    Secularism Surging: Why So Many Americans Are Abandoning Religion
    Phil Zuckerman, Professor of Sociology & Secular Studies, Associate Dean of Faculty

    Session C:
    Predicting Vulnerability to Climate Change in Coastal Marine Species
    Sarah Gilman, Associate Professor of Biology

    1:30 – 3 p.m. Core Values in Action: A Conversation with Lynn Novick, the Award-Winning Director of College Behind Bars
    3 p.m. Session A:
    Developmental Science and the Nature/Nurture Question
    David Moore, Professor of Psychology, Director of the Claremont Infant Study Center

    Session B:
    The Next Pandemic?
    Sarah Budischak, Assistant Professor of Biology

    4 p.m. Session A:
    Trans and Non-Binary Rights Under Biden: What to Expect, and What We Can Fight For
    Nancy S. B. Williams, Associate Professor of Chemistry

    Session B:
    The Soundscape of a Scholar-in-Residence (SIR)
    Ming-Yuen S. Ma, Professor of Media Studies

    5 p.m. True Equity Part 1: Systemic Change
    A reflective conversation with Pitzer College President Melvin L. Oliver and Trustee Angela Glover Blackwell GP’21 about systemic racial injustice and inequality in America and the College’s response to social unrest in 2020. Pitzer parent and Family Leadership Council member Julia Weber P’23 will lead the discussion.
    6 p.m. Pitzer Watch Party – Movie Night
  • Sunday, February 14
    8 a.m. Rise and Shine: Meditation and Yoga
    10 – 11:45 a.m. Connecting Our Community: How families can help us make a greater impact for our students