2016 Parent Volunteer Service Award: Howard and Edie Bartnof

Video Transcript

I think that Howard sort of followed me in terms of being in the field of education. Knowing the importance of parent participation and knowing the importance of appropriate participation.

When we first started there was no parent board. I think that that feeling that we were instrumental in terms of organizing it. I think that, to sit back and think of the instrumental ways that we really helped. And, continue to help and support the college brings tremendous pride to me.

Parents are concerned; you know my student is my child is coming 50 miles to 15,000 miles from home. What’s it going to be like?

You know, I’ll tell them about RAs and mentors. And, you know other things that are here on campus that they’re parent type questions.

There’s so many ways that Howard and I have felt honored and blessed with this other parents. See how we’re involved it’s not just you send your kid off to school and that’s it.

I was always brought up that you do it because it’s in your heart you don’t do it because of a plaque. You don’t do it from acknowledgement. So, for me I thank you so much for this. But, it’s what I know I needed to do in my heart.