iGens of Color: The Political Potential of a New Generation in Southern California

Broad Performance Space, Broad Center 1050 N. Mills Avenue, Claremont

In pop culture and media, younger generations are stereotyped as disengaged, apathetic, and overly sensitive. However, studies show that younger generations— particularly millennials of color—are emerging as a major political force in the United States, both in terms of voting and political engagement. At times, such characterizations have been based on privileged members of this […]


Distilling Your Message: Communicating your Research to a General Audience

Fletcher 112 1050 North Mills Ave, Claremont

In this day and age, you have to do more than conduct incredible research, you have to be able to communicate it. This interactive workshop will show you how to take complex ideas and organize them into an accessible format where people, no matter their background, can engage with your work. Come and learn how […]

Talk: Cold War Coethnics

Broad Performance Space, Broad Center 1050 N. Mills Avenue, Claremont

How do migrants who have experienced civil war interact and negotiate divisions? This talk focuses on Vietnamese migrants who settled in W. Berlin and E. Germany and how these two groups interact with each other after the reunification of Germany.

Acts of Identity: A Political Theory of Biography

Broad Performance Space, Broad Center 1050 N. Mills Avenue, Claremont

Across the political spectrum the question of identity is a hot-button issue. This question is often cast in terms of nationality, citizenship, class, race, gender and sexuality. In other words, it is a question of group identity: who belongs, who does not, and why or why not.

Talk: Helping Challengers Achieve Their Goals

Gold Student Center Multipurpose Room 1050 North Mills Ave, Claremont

Helping Challengers Achieve Their Goals: Assessing the Effect of Elite Allies in Congress Through Bill Amendments How do social movements create long-lasting change? Speaker Rodolfo Lopez Moreno's research analyzes how social movement allies in  Congress cosponsor amendments in legislative committees to advance the approval process. In this way, movement allies can support activists’ demands by presenting […]