Virtual Lecture: Garifuna Culture & History

Virtual Event CA

As part of Pitzer College Assistant Professor Fély Catan’s course on Afrolatinidades, there will be an online lecture conducted by Cheryl L. Noralez, president of the Los Angeles-based Garifuna American Heritage Foundation United.

Afro-Ecuadorian Activism: A Conversation with Sonia Viveros P., Founder of the Fundacion Azucar Organization

Virtual Event CA

Sonia Elizabeth Viveros Padilla is an Afro-Ecuadorian woman, and social activist. She began her experience in 1991 with Social Organizations, first with the Indigenous Movement of Ecuador and then with the Afro-descendant process in 1993. She has been part of the governmental apparatus and international cooperation, spaces in which she has developed plans and projects […]

Afro-Caribbean Womens’ Writing: A Conversation with Gisèle Pineau

Virtual Event CA

Born in 1956, Gisèle Pineau is a French novelist, writer and former nurse. Although born in Paris, her origins are Guadeloupean and she has written several books on the difficulties and torments of her childhood as a Black person growing up in Parisian society. In her writings, she uses the oral tradition of storytelling in […]

Hip Hop and Afro-Colombian Vernacular Culture with Palenquero Group Kombilesa Mí

Virtual Event CA

Join us for an exciting  experience and discover Afro-Colombian vernacular culture with Kombilesa Mí, a group that seeks to preserve a forgotten language through Hip-Hop. Kombilesa Mí will offer a performance and then engage in a discussion with the public to valorize their unique identity ad the first free slave settlement of the Americas, and […]

Black Nannies in Latin America: A Conversation with Yvonne Denis-Rosario

Virtual Event CA Renowned Afro-Puerto Rican female writer Yvonne Denis-Rosario will discuss her short story "Ama de leche" in Prof. Catan's Afrolatinidades course. The talk will be given in Spanish. Dr. Denis-Rosario is a columnist, librettist, narrator, novelist, poet, professor, radio/ TV host and producer, born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Her books critically exam the racial […]

Anti-Racism, Anti-Imperialism, and Islamophobia in France: A Conversation with Houria Bouteldja

Virtual Event CA

Houria Bouteldja is a French-Algerian political activist and writer focusing on anti-racism, anti-imperialism, and Islamophobia. She serves as spokesperson for the Parti des Indigènes de la République (Party of the Indigenous of the Republic). In 2017, she published Whites, Jews, and Us: Toward a Politics of Revolutionary Love. If you want to attend the talk, […]

A Conversation with Guadeloupean Visual Artist Ruddy Marc Roquelaure

Virtual Event CA

Roquelaure is an Afro-Caribbean artist who works and lives in Guadeloupe. After time spent in Martinique, France, and Canada, he decided in 2013 to return to his native island of Guadeloupe to pursue his journey. Roquelaure's artwork arises from the need to express an emotion in relation to an event or a topic. A time […]

Revisiting the Afro-Puerto Rican Musical Traditions of Plena and Bomba Through a Woman’s Perspective: A Talk with Yazmín Morales

Virtual Event CA

Yazmín was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico and has lived in New York City since 2004. She studied Early Childhood Education and Special Education with a Music Concentration at Brooklyn College. Yazmín has worked as an Early Childhood Educator in various communities including the Lower East Side and East New York, where […]

Decolonizing Arts: A Conversation with Guadeloupean Playwright Gerty Dambury

Come meet Gerty Dambury to understand her experience and political combat through arts and literature. Dambury is a theater director, novelist, and poet from Guadeloupe, French Caribbean. She studied English and Arabic at the Sorbonne University in Paris. During the social negotiations in Guadeloupe in 2009, Gerty Dambury deplores a disturbing fact: “Once the Secretary […]