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Wireless Networks on Campus

  • CINE Wireless Network will be phased out this summer. To connect to the wireless network, you will need to use your Pitzer login.
  • Claremont WPA is the network we highly recommend. Once it is setup, your computer will automatically connect to the Claremont WPA network when you are in range and you do not have to enter your password every time you connect. Click Here for instructions on how to connect to it.
  • Claremont network will still be available and will remain unchanged.
  • Claremont-ETC is a new network that will replace CINE. This should be utlized by guests on campus. Speed is reduced on this network. It will require a key to access it and users will have to contact the Helpdesk in order to get the key. Additionally, if guests would like to connect to the other wireless networks, they can contact the Helpdesk to get a temporary Guest account.

Helpdesk Contact Info:

  • 909-607-3065
  • help@pitzer.edu




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