Residential Networking

Available Services

Pitzer College offers networking assistance to student residents whose computers meet or exceed the specified system requirements needed to connect to the Pitzer network. Recommended minimum system requirements can be found by clicking here.

Resnet will assist Pitzer College residents with the following issues:

  • Installation and configuration of ethernet cards
  • Installation and configuration of client software
  • Assistance with network and email accounts
  • Maintain working condition of network ports in each dorm room
  • Install and/or configure internet browser software
  • Install and/or configure e-mail software
  • Provide continued support of all the above throughout the entire year
  • Recovering lost or corrupt files that were saved on the network

Resnet is not responsible for any of the following, including but not limited to:

  • Providing ethernet cards, network cables or any other equipment required to successfully attach to Pitzer's network
  • Hardware troubleshooting or repair (other then ethernet cards)
  • Software troubleshooting or repair (other than client software and internet/email or software provided to you by a Resnet Technician)
  • Maintaining network connection of computers with software or hardware that conflict or otherwise inhibit a stable network connection
  • Setup or configuration of peripherals such as printers, scanners, modems, external drives, etc.
  • Lost/corrupt files or software caused by installing ethernet cards, client software or internet/e-mail software
  • Removing computer viruses, supplying anti-virus software, or recovering applications/operating systems

To contact a Resnet Technician, please complete this form with a valid email address, send an email to Resnet, or call 77548 and dial "2" when prompted. Leave your full name, phone number, dorm number, availability and a brief description of the problem.