Residential Networking

Residential Hall Network Printing

The New Print Stations Are Here!!
The Pitzer Information Technology Team has setup student print stations across campus! You can log onto the local computers, which have been provided in most of the locations listed below, or you can print from your own computer! All printing is charged to your print credit account.

Where are they?
Atherton - Room 313 (local computer available)
Bernard - The Pit Stop Cafe
Gold Student Center - Room 222
Pitzer Hall - Room 301(local computer available)
Mead - Marquis Library (local computers available)
East Hall - Room S220 (local computer available
West Hall - Room P317 (local computer available)
West Hall - Room Q422 (local computer available)

Residence Hall - Personal Computer Print Station Instructions

Things you should know
Black and white printing costs $.05 per physical page.
Duplex or double sided is set by default.
Color printing is available in the Bernard Computer Lab and costs $.25 per physical page (single sided only).
Each student receives $10.00 of print credit each semester.
You can check your print credit balance, if your logged into the local computer next to the printer, by hovering your mouse over the dollar sign in the lower right corner of the screen.

Need help? Please contact the Bernard Computer Lab at 909-607-4998 or x74998 for:
More paper
Toner replacement
Checking your print credit balance. (To add credit you must go to the Bernard Lab. Cash or check only!)
Technical assistance or questions

Click here for additional Bernard Computer Lab information.