Residential Networking Help Sheets

To assist you in connecting your computer to the Pitzer network as well as answers to other computing questions, we have produced a series of help sheets to guide you through some of the processes.

Help Sheets



Connecting to the Network via Ethernet

These help sheets will provide you with instructions on how to configure your computer to connect to the internet, from your residence hall room, via Ethernet. These instructions are based on the assumption that your Ethernet card is already installed.

Connecting to Your Pitzer College Network Space

Would you like to back up your course work? Create a Personal Webpage? Pitzer provides you with free personal userspace on our student server. Some benefits are:

  • Space - 200MB of storage.
  • Security - this space can only be accessed with your Pitzer username and password.
  • File Protection - Files are backed up daily and can be retrieved from backup tapes.
  • Personal Webpage - Your user space may be used to host your own personal webpage.

Accessing your storage space:

Your storage space is located on our student server called Pzacad. To access your personal userspace you must "map a network drive" to the Pzacad server. Click on the appropriate platform link below for instructions.

Setting up Your Personal Webpage

To create a personal webpage you must:

  1. Submit a request to Information Technology so they may enable your access.
  2. Once you have received confirmation that your webspace has been enabled, connect to your Pitzer College Network Space by clicking on the appropriate platform link above (under Accessing your storage space) and follow the instructions.
  3. Within your userspace you will see a folder called Public.www. See image below:

  1. Create and save your main webpage, titled index.html, in the Public.www folder. All of your subsequent pages will be linked to the main index.html page and they can be descriptively titled from then on (make sure they are saved in .html format). You can use software such as Dreamweaver or Frontpage to create your webpages or code it, using html, yourself. Keep in mind you are limited to 200mb of space.