Residential Networking

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you recommend a PC or a Mac?
This is a personal preference, and the choice really depends on your needs. Both Macintosh and Windows PC's work equally well on the Pitzer network. In general, Macs tend to be easier to use, but Windows computers tend to be significantly less expensive and can run a wider variety of programs.

Do you recommend a desktop or a laptop computer?
Again, this is a personal preference. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Because desk space in the dorm rooms is minimal, using a laptop makes sense. In addition, more and more professors are allowing laptops in the classroom for school work. If you have the proper wireless equipment installed in a laptop you can access the wireless Internet network available in various areas around campus. However, because of their greater mobility, laptops can easily be lost or stolen when unattended.

What network operating system do you recommend?
It depends on whether you are a Mac user or a Windows user. Most Mac and Windows operating systems on the market today will work equally well on our network. Generally, the latest operating systems for the Mac (OS X 10.5)and PC (Windows Vista) are the most stable and offer the greatest functionality. At a minimum, you will want to be running at least Windows XP on a PC and  OS X 10.4 on a Mac. 

What computer brand do you recommend I buy?
We don't give out specific computer recommendations, but we do encourage you to buy name-brand computers. Many "No-Name" computer manufactures offer deep discounted computer systems, but often don't offer the technical support or service you would get with a brand-name computer. In addition these type of manufacturers may exist today, but may be gone tomorrow. It is often better to pay a little more for a brand computer, even if it has fewer features, knowing that if you have a problem there will be someone there to offer you technical support.

Does Pitzer College provide wireless Internet access?
Pitzer has installed a number of wireless access points around campus available for use by students, staff and faculty of the Claremont Colleges. Many of these points are located around the "Mounds" area between the Residence Halls and the administrative buildings. Students wishing to take advantage of this service will need a laptop computer equipped with wireless networking capabilities. More information about the wireless network and how to connect to it can be found at the wireless link on this page.

Do I need a printer? Are there printers available on campus for students to use?
The Bernard computer lab is equipped with network printers which are available for student use and may be accessed from your dorm room computer. However, we do recommend that you bring your own printer to save you the inconvenience of having to walk over to the computer lab to find out that your print job didn't print the way you intended it to.

Who do I contact if I need help connecting my computer to the campus network?
To receive assistance, Residence hall students can contact Resnet by email or by calling  ext. 77548.