Pitzer Professor Helps Create Paths to College for Minority and Low-income Students

Roberta Espinoza

Claremont, Calif. (September 23, 2013)—Pitzer Assistant Professor of Sociology Roberta Espinoza led a professional development workshop for 120 teachers and staff at Alhambra High School on September 16-17. Her presentation focused on the critical role educators can play in putting low-income and minority students on the path to college.

At Alhambra High, Espinoza discussed how the disadvantages of social class can be overcome when educators share the academic knowledge and skills that help students reach their educational goals. Alhambra High School is a comprehensive high school with 2,800 students. In 2009-10, more than 95 percent of the students were from minority groups and more than 80 percent received free or reduced lunch.

Espinoza consults with school districts and conducts workshops based on research that appears in her book Pivotal Moments: How Educators Can Put All Students on the Path to College. Espinoza’s most recent book, Working-Class Minority Students’ Routes to Higher Education, was published by Routledge in 2012.

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