Pitzer College Students and Alums Awarded 2011-12 Fulbright Fellowships

Claremont, Calif. (June 30, 2011) — Pitzer College congratulates students and alumni awarded 2011-12 Fulbright Fellowships: Serena Acker '11, Leora Auino '11, Allison Backman '11, Sam Brown '11, Hannah Carr '11, Janice Cho '11, Liana Engie '11, Romy Feder '11, Emma Fisher '11, Rachel Haney '11, Anja Hughes-Stinson '11, Paul Kim '11, Katherine Kirby '03, Sarah Lee '11, Colin Mickle '11, Terra Michalowski '11, Lily Wiggins '11, Ted Winslow '11, Eliot Yasumura '11 and Christopher Young '11.

Acker, a double major in Spanish and international and intercultural studies, received a Fulbright to Colombia. She will teach English and facilitate cultural exchange and communication through a pen-pal program with students in the United States. She hopes to encourage students to challenge themselves in an interactive and positive environment. Outside the classroom, she will explore the Colombian culture through research on dance.

Aquino, a biology major and sociology minor, won a Fulbright to South Korea where she will teach English and encourage students to be life-long learners and critical thinkers. She will also research the effects and prevalence of allergies in an ethnically homogeneous population of children with a health care system that emphasizes preventative medicine.

Backman, who designed her major in psychology and social change, was awarded a Fulbright to Vietnam for "Pho and Folklore: Teaching through Tradition." Through communicative language techniques and content-based instruction, she will teach English and plans to incorporate traditions such as Mua Roi Nuoc into her teaching repertoire to promote cultural exchange. She also plans to take cooking classes to examine the influence of French culinary techniques on Vietnamese recipes. Backman is Pitzer's first winner for Vietnam.

Brown, a political economy major, was awarded a Fulbright to Morocco. He will serve as an English teaching assistant, building on prior teaching experiences in Thailand and Ghana. Outside the classroom, he intends to expand his knowledge of and fluency of modern standard and colloquial Arabic and increase his understanding of Islam.

Carr, an environmental studies major, was awarded a Fulbright to Malaysia. As an experienced youth soccer coach, Hannah was deeply involved in tutoring incarcerated youth at Camp Afflerbaugh-Paige. In Malaysia, she intends to inspire students learning English by using a content-based approach focused on topics of health and the environment in Malaysia.

Cho double majored in human biology and Spanish. She received a Fulbright to Belgium where her lab based research will investigate tandem repeats in two yeast genes, MSS11 and CYC8. Her research project, "Variable Tandem Repeats as Facilitators of Rapid Evolution," will be based at the Catholic University of Leuven.

Engie, a double major in physics and molecular biology, received a Fulbright to Indonesia. She will incorporate debate and role-play to encourage Indonesian students to express themselves and their opinions in English. Her Fulbright project builds off an independent education study project she undertook through the Pitzer in Nepal Study Abroad Program. She is the first Pitzer physics major to win a Fulbright.

Feder, a media studies major, earned a Fulbright to Costa Rica to create an engaging learning environment while teaching English language skills through video art and poetry. Through the use of new media will encourage verbal, visual and emotional interaction. She also plans work with a Costa Rican community on biodiversity conservation and film a documentary about rural landowners and the conservation of surviving tropical forests.

Fisher, a political anthropology major and Spanish minor, was awarded a Fulbright to South Korea. She intends to use the global food market as a lens to teach English by creating content-based, multi-sensory and communicative lesson plans. She will also research changes in Korean food consumption over the past 30 years.

Haney, a history major and German studies minor, received a Fulbright to Austria. She will research the ways in which organic farming has furthered the humane treatment of food producing animals at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna.

Hughes-Stinson, a double major in psychology and art, won a Fulbright to Mongolia where she will teach English by incorporating group projects, discussions and creative assignments. She hopes to foster cultural and artistic exchange by honing her students' English skills. As a side project, she will engage the community in a commemorative mural project.

Kim, an international intercultural studies major, New Resources Student and Navy veteran, earned a Fulbright to Thailand. He hopes to inspire Thai students to develop an interest in American culture and language. He will use his teaching knowledge and experience to creatively engage students and enhance knowledge and skills in reading, writing and oral communication. He also plans to study Thai art and Buddhist philosophy.

Kirby, an art history major who has worked in independent/alternative radio since she graduated, was awarded a research Fulbright to Italy. Her research will focus on how Radio Libere, independent radio stations formed in 1970s Italy, have presented the topic of immigration.

Lee, a double major in economics and studio art, received a Fulbright to Thailand. She will use auditory, visual and tactile techniques to interest her students. Her pedagogy includes communicative language techniques such as role play, songs and games. Additionally, she intends to study the history of Thai art and architecture.

Michalowski, a double major in history and romance languages, received a Fulbright to Armenia. Building on a variety of teaching experiences, including her involvement at the Afflerbaugh-Paige juvenile detention camps, she plans create content-based curriculum using activities based on community and student input. In her free time, she will learn to speak Armenian and explore its cultural preservation programs in the education system.

Mickle, a political studies major, was awarded a Fulbright ETA to Laos, a inaugural year for this program. Mickle will draw from past experiences to develop an interactive curriculum focused on food, music and other content-based learning activities. Outside the classroom, he will volunteer at a children's center and take Lao language classes in Vientiane.

Wiggins, a sociology major, earned a Fulbright to Indonesia. She will use the processes of storytelling and performance as means to teach English and applying the techniques she learned while teaching at Camp Afflerbaugh- Paige. Additionally, she will research the effects of corporal punishment on student performance in the area.

Winslow , who double majored in Spanish and creative writing , was awarded a Fulbright to Spain. He intends to build on his extensive teaching experience and will explore the multiple meanings of multiculturalism and multilingualism in the Spanish classroom. During his free time, he will explore current trends in Spanish poetry.

Yasumura, a New Resources student and Marine veteran with a self designed major in religion, politics and global violence, was awarded a research Fulbright to Indonesia. His research project, "Mapping Islam in Jakarta: Religious Articulations of Urban Indonesian Youth," will investigate the ways in which Indonesian Muslim youth in urban areas negotiate their religious identities and how, in turn, the cities inform their religious views.

Young, an international environmental policy major, received a research Fulbright to Bulgaria. His project will investigate the impact of the European Union's Water Framework Directive on Bulgarian agricultural and wastewater treatment practices. Through archival research, on-site visits to wastewater treatment facilities and qualitative interviews with farmers, he hopes to better understand the dynamics between international environmental policies and its direct impact.

Of this year's winners, President Laura Skandera Trombley said, "What a wonderful accomplishment! We are so proud of Pitzer's Fulbright recipients. They represent the very best of Pitzer and stand as an example of the excellence of a Pitzer education."

With these winners, Pitzer College students and alums have been awarded 130 Fulbright Fellowships. In 2010, The

Chronicle of Higher Education ranked Pitzer first in Fulbright Fellowships among liberal arts colleges and fifth among all colleges and universities nationwide.

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