Pitzer Faculty and Staff Overwhelm College with Support

More than 96% give to annual campaign

CLAREMONT, Calif. (May 6, 2005) — Pitzer College President Laura Skandera Trombley put faculty and staff giving in perspective at a celebration marking the close of the annual campaign. She told a story of what the generosity of the College's employees means to students.

"A student came to me and wanted to know what the faculty and staff annual fund campaign is all about," Trombley said. "I told her that each year the Office of Advancement asks the faculty and staff, the backbone of the College, to help support scholarships and other funds. The student looked at me, surprised and obviously emotionally moved, and said, 'You mean the people I see around here every day – the people working on the grounds, in the dining hall, in all of these offices, teaching my classes, are giving to support my education?' The affirmative answer nearly left her speechless. She had never considered that the people who work so hard to make Pitzer such a special place could be so generous as to help support her education."

This year, Pitzer's staff and faculty exceeded 96% overall participation in the campaign. Their support, which reached the highest level in the history of the College, demonstrates how deeply our community believes in the importance of a Pitzer education. An amazing 100% of the Pitzer staff donated to the fund, which helps support students with financial need.

About Pitzer College

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