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Pitzer College faculty experts are ready to assist the members of the media on a variety of topics. If you do not find the topic you’re looking for, contact Anna Chang at 909.607.0491 or


Paul Faulstich, PhD

Aboriginal Australia; Cultural ecology; Ecological design; Environment; Global warming; Ecology of expressive culture.

Melinda Herrold-Menzies, PhD

California cultures and ecosystems; Conflicts over natural resources; Eco-tourism; Gender and the environment; Global warming; Nature reserves in China and Russia; Natural history; Sustainability.

Brinda Sarathy

Brinda Sarathy, PhD

Deforestation; Environmental justice; Fighting forest fires; How to apply green living; Global climate justice; Global warming effects; Green jobs; Immigrants and natural resources; Immigration reform; National forest; Social impact of global warming.

Jack Sullivan, PhD

Clean water; Conflict and negotiation processes; Environmental policy; Policy analysis; Sustainability; Water policy; Water rationing; Water usage.