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Dipa Basu

Dipa Basu, PhD

African and Asian diasporic issues; Consumption; Economics and changing consumption patterns; Ethnicity; gender; race in popular culture; film and media representation; Globalization; Hip hop; Service learning and study abroad; Urban policies

Alicia Bonaparte, PhD

African American sociology, Birthing, Consumer health experiences, Criminology, Female juvenile delinquency, Healthcare professionals and consumer relationships, Hierarchy system within healthcare for sociological classes, Historical research, Immigrant healthcare, Medical sociology, Men and women in American society, Midwiferly, Reproductive health, Reproductive healthcare in California, Public policy in healthcare, Teenage pregnancy and infant mortality.

José Z. Calderón

José Calderón, PhD

Chicano and Latino communities; Civil rights; Critical ethnography and participant observation; Experimental and service learning; Immigration; Healthcare policies; Language rights; Labor relations; Multi-ethnic coalitions; Race and ethnic relations; Urban community development; Urban and political sociology; US/Mexico relations.

Peter Nardi, PhD

"Friendships; Gay/homosexuality policy issues; Gay/homosexuality studies; Male friendships.

Harmony O'Rouke

Harmony O'Rourke, PhD

Colonialism; Cultural reproduction of minority communities; Gender; Islam; Marriage; Masculinity; Modern Africa; Nigeria; Slavery and Slave trading; the Hausa Diaspora in Cameroon; Migration; Womanhood

Claudia Strauss

Claudia Strauss, PhD

Cognitive Anthropology; Psychological Anthroplogy; Language, Culture and Society; Race/Class/Gender Variation is in the U.S.; Social Theory and Culture Theory; Anthropology of Policy; American political culture; Public opinion about healthcare and other social welfare issues; Public opinion about immigration

KaMala Thomas, PhD

Influence of Chronic Stress and Psychological Resilience on Depression and Biological Correlates of Stress and Disease; Management of Chronic Illness in Patients and their Families; Influence of Culture; Ethnicity; and Socioeconomic Status on Health

Phil Zuckerman, PhD

Atheism; Atheists; Religion; Secularism.