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Asian Culture:

Dipa Basu

Dipa Basu, PhD

African and Asian diasporic issues; Consumption; Economics and changing consumption patterns; Ethnicity; gender; race in popular culture; film and media representation; Globalization; Hip hop; Service learning and study abroad; Urban policies

Fuchun Jin, PhD

China - US Economic relations; International trade and finance; Monetary, marco and financial economics; Chinese economy.

Azamat Junisbai, PhD

Political developments; social and economic inequality in Central Asia; Societ Union and Post-communist societies

Joe Parker, PhD

Asian American Studies, Asian and indigenous sciences, Critical Whiteness Studies, Critical Masculinity Studies, Critical theory, Critiques of Eurocentric science and objectivism, Democracy and citizenship, East Asian cultural history, East Asian religion, Ethico-politics of knowledge, Feminist pedagogy, Globalization and the War on Terror, Interdisciplinarity and social justice, Neocolonialism and postcolonial studies, Open plan field studies, Orientalism and cultural imperialism, Postmodern social change, Subaltern studies, Transnational feminism and gender studies.

Sharon Snowiss, PhD

Alternative medicine; Comparative political theory; Contemporary feminist theory; French feminist theory; Integrative medicine; Political philosophy; Traditional Chinese medicine; Qi Gong.

Richard Tsujimoto, PhD

Asian-American Mental Health; Clinical psychology

Kathy Yep, PhD

Sociology; Asian American Studies; Immigration; Asian communities; sports; Asians in sports; culture wars and racial tension; generational difference in culture practices; Asian history; community changes; ethnic studies; social movement; gender studies; non-violent social change