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Pitzer College faculty experts are ready to assist the members of the media on a variety of topics. If you do not find the topic you’re looking for, contact Anna Chang at 909.607.0491 or

Featured Experts:

Albert Wachtel

Albert Wachtel, PhD

20th-Century Novel; Epic and scripture; Fiction; James Joyce; Shakespeare; Theory of literature; Tragedy; Political area.

Brian Keeley, PhD

Professor of Psychology Brian Keeley is an expert in the Philosophy of Neuroscience, Philosophy of Conspiracy Theories, Philosophy of Mind, and Cognitive Science.

Harmony O'Rouke

Harmony O'Rourke, PhD

Colonialism; Cultural reproduction of minority communities; Gender; Islam; Marriage; Masculinity; Modern Africa; Nigeria; Slavery and Slave trading; the Hausa Diaspora in Cameroon; Migration; Womanhood