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Pitzer's Native Summer Pipeline to College

What is Pitzer’s Native Pipeline to College?

Pitzer’s Native Summer Pipeline to College is a three week on-campus college life experience for Native students entering 10th, 11th, or 12th grades in the fall of 2011. The program is designed to motivate students to complete high school and
strengthen their self-esteem, their academic preparation for college and their connection to native knowledge and culture. The Pipeline is essentially three weeks of summer school in which most classes touch on Native issues and are designed to teach Native students much of what they need to succeed in the university setting, such as academic writing, grant writing, computer literacy and self expression.


This program is designed to prepare Native students for academic achievement and leadership roles. The courses will emphasize both academic and traditional tribal ways of learning and provide an interdisciplinary perspective of Native
Americans through an academic standpoint. Students will emerge with an understanding of both the challenges and the opportunities available for Native people in higher education. They will also be given tools for addressing these challenges and accessing these opportunities. Students will learn about the most pressing issues facing local tribal communities by
meeting elders, reading academic articles and taking short excursions to cultural sites in Los Angeles County and the Inland Empire.They will also develop and apply communication, time management, problem-solving and decision-making skills. In addition, students will learn about media studies, creative writing, academic and grant writing, math and science. Participants will learn about social responsibility and engagement, experience a variety of avenues of self expression,
and meet speakers and staff members who will serve as supportive contacts throughout the application, university and post-university processes. Our curriculum therefore, is very demanding and we only encourage students to apply who are prepared for the academic rigors and personal challenges.


Our daily schedule is very full, including three classes per day, an exercise session and a self-expression seminar or guest speaker every day. There is also a significant amount of free time to balance out the weight of the academic schedule. Free time is an opportunity to do laundry, take a nap, and take care of personal needs. We highly encourage students to exercise time management skills during free time to make sure that each student gets the amount of sleep
s/he needs in order to operate at their highest capacity. We also offer a myriad of field trips in order to engage and introduce students to the programs and places in the community. There are no classes on field trip days, only evening seminars or guest speakers.

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