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Pitzer's Native Summer Pipeline to College

Rules and Disciplinary Policies

In order to ensure that all students are comfortable and gain the most from the 2010 Pipeline to College, we kindly ask that all participants abide by the following rules:

  • • Please respect staff and fellow participants at all times. These people are here to enrich your experience, and any form of disrespect greatly detracts from the Pipeline experience.
  • • Stay with the group when on field trips.
  • • Respect lights out and quiet hours. Our days are very full and fast paced, and quiet hours are in place in order to ensure that each participant gets enough sleep to fully enjoy each program.
  • • Please do not invite visitors onto campus or leave Pitzer’s campus at any time unless accompanied by a staff member.
  • • We have a no tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol. Under no circumstances should you keep any form of drugs
    or alcohol in your dorm room or in your possession at any point during the pipeline. This includes cigarettes.
  • • Please refrain from using fowl language. This pipeline is about communicating effectively and any inappropriate
    language will damage the communication paths for all parties.
  • • Please be mindful of appropriate dress code for all activities. Close-toed shoes and fairly modest dress are appreciated. Please respect room assignments.
  • • Each student should sleep in his or her own room each night, and respect gender separation.
  • • Finally, the use of all electronic devices including cell phones is only permitted during free time. Cell phones should be off and left in the dorms during class times. If a staff member sees a cell phone in use during program they will confiscate it for the duration of the pipeline.

Please be open minded about all programs, and engage in discussions in order to make them most effective.


During the first days of the Pipeline, the students and staff will meet as part of the orientation to go over rules. The staff will outline the issues which have come up in the past and are natural to occur in programs such as these with high school age students. At this point, the students will decide what they believe to be fair disciplinary repercussions for each of the rules laid out collectively by students and staff. Following this point, a three strike rule will be implemented by staff members.

A strike one violation will bring the student the punishment designated by the students during orientation week. A second violation will bring the Pipeline Coordinators in to speak with the students regarding their actions. If the violation is committed a third time the punishment will be determined by the Pipeline Coordinator and may include dismissal from the program.