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Graduate School Information
For many college students, career decisions about the future include the possibility of attending graduate school.  As you consider this next step in your career, it is important to reflect on your personal motivations and reasons for planning to attend graduate school.

Internship Information
Our office provides comprehensive internship listings (for the academic year or summer) in all industries.  The first step is to access our database of internship listings.  We are part of the National Internship Consortium (NIC) which currently posts over 8000 internships received by Pitzer, Claremont McKenna, Harvey Mudd, Pomona, and Scripps as well as a consortium of 12 small-medium liberal arts colleges and universities including Johns Hopkins, Dartmouth, Reed, Sarah Lawrence and Lewis and Clark.  Since there are so many great internship options and the process takes time, we encourage you to begin early and meet with a Career Services counselor who can assist you with identifying internship opportunities.  We also provide access to select password protected and industry-specific websites. 

Interviewing Guide
Interviews provide an opportunity for you and an employer to get to know each other. Additionally, you and the employer decide if the position is a mutually beneficial fit for you and the organization. The employer gets to decide if you have the skills, interests, and qualities needed to do the job. You have an opportunity to impress the employer with your knowledge of their organization and your ability to explain why you are right for the job.

Job Search Information
Which job search method should you use? All of them.
Only 18-20% of all job vacancies are ever listed. 80% of all openings are never listed anywhere. The only way to find out about this "hidden job market" is by using the informal methods of job hunting.

Online Subscriptions
Career Services subscribes to several online databases and information resources that are available to currently enrolled students and Pitzer alumni.

Researching Potential Employers
Researching the organizations which could potentially employ you is a vital component in the career planning and job search process. By researching the various environments in which you could be employed, you can best determine the right fit for yourself.

Resume Guide
A resume serves as a tool to interest prospective employers in offering you an interview. It summarizes your work history (both paid and unpaid), relevant academic experiences, skills, and accomplishments in a concise and readable format.