A Tongva Native Garden

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Tongva Garden

The Gabrieleno Tongva Native Americans occupied the entire Los Angeles basin dating back to 2500 BCE. Its culture and territorial expansion peaked about 1200 CE. When Cabrillo arrived in 1542 Tongva Natives rowed the Ti'ats ( plank canoes) to meet him off of San Pedro. The Gabrieleno Tongva tribes have lived in harmony with the plants and environment in this area for centuries. Claremont was known as Torojoatngna.

With the assistance of Mark Acuna, a Tongva Ethno Botanist, we have identified twenty three plants that are seen as the most significant for the tribe in this coastal sage scrub ecosystem. The plants have medicinal, spiritual, edible and other daily uses for dyes, construction, and basketry. The walking tour emphasizes the medicinal uses of the plants. This web site has a more complete listing of the various uses these plants provided the Tongva.

Please enjoy your glimpses at the treasures that surround us.

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