Johanna Karlin

My manifesto consists of two parts. An exhibition text by curator Martin Schibli, and my picture of my Art space UNDANTAGET during the winter.

In the text Schibli asks himself how to move on when social criticism has become mainstream: “…How do we move on from here? One possibility is to let art be art…” “…It is perhaps from such places as UNDANTAGET that the new will be revealed … places where art is allowed to be discussed as art…” The exhibition in UNDANTAGET showed manifests by 25 artists.

UNDANTAGET (the Exception) is an old, half-decayed duplex situated on my farm on the eastern side of Öland, Sweden. At Undantaget I want to present art that deals with time, in the form of growth and dissolution, human processing and the course of nature. The farm is located in a village founded in the 16th century

UNDANTAGET, (the Exception) (2017)