Jane Callister

“I worry that the word patriarchy makes people’s eyes glaze over with the assumption that it means ‘Men are bad, and we need to change to a matriarchy.’ Of course, given all the ways we’re now learning women differ from men, a brief dose of matriarchy might not be the worst thing: a course correction to restore some balance…

But this is not about replacing one ‘-archy’ with another, it’s about transforming social and cultural norms and institutions so that power, violence, and greed are not the primary operating principles. It’s not about moving from patriarchy to matriarchy, but from patriarchy to democracy. Feminism means real democracy. There’s no road map to get there. It hasn’t happened yet. Women and men of conscience have never had a chance thus far to make our revolution.”

Jane Fonda, LENNY online, March 23, 2016

Jane Fonda (2017), Pencil on paper, 11 x 17 in.