Elena Bajo

By researching the history of anarchist women and their writings, a cumulative manifesto text compiled by the artist is accessed and interpreted by female performers into choreographic movements after being decoded into musical notes, following an aleatory system used by John Cage.

The scores are traced into its abstracted pixelated forms, a series of black and white dots, will constitute new structures for movement, new trajectories for possible choreographies and sculptures, reverberating Malevich’s “Black Square” and referencing Louise Michel’s political action in 1884 Paris, Anarchism’s “Black Flag” historical origins (Louise Michel took out her black underskirt and took a wooden stick and use it as a flag).

The performance undertakes anarchism as artistic strategy, by implementing elements of disentanglement and affects, as a point of dissidence and disruption on contemporary political choreographies. Choreography as an encrypted / encoded manifesto is explored and speculated through as political strategy.


STILL SQUARE, BLACK SONATA (score) (2018), Polyurethane-reclaimed garbage bags, 2 x 3 ft
EVERY SOMETHING IS AN ECHO OF NOTHING (anarcho-sculpture) (2012-2018), Wood, polyurethane-reclaimed garbage bags, 7 ft.
It was recreated this time with polyurethane instead of fabric/rubber as material for the anarchist flag.