Carrie Paterson

Let Them Eat Cake (2017-18)

Pencil on paper, cake

28 x 31 ½ in.

I’m a self-trained D.I.Y. engineer-of-sorts, an art-researcher, and inventor. In August of 2013 I was awarded my first US utility patent, No. 8,499,960 B2. It describes the integral storage container comprised of multiple, concentric, but independent glass spheres that was fabricated by my co-inventor, scientific glassblower Bob Maiden. The nexus between the disciplines of science, art, and engineering is where I do my work, both in writing and art. The artwork I make is conceptually driven, multidisciplinary and occasionally collaborative; this has included installation, performance, text, drawing, and experiential, multi-sensory works often using fragrance.