Institutional Review Board Response to COVID-19

Dear Faculty, Students and Staff,

If you are currently conducting human subject research and/or if you are advising students who are conducting human subject research, that involves face-to-face interaction with participants, this is extremely important information.

Please read carefully and take appropriate action. To the extent possible, all face-to face interaction with human participants should cease immediately.

If you/your student are conducting face-to-face human subject research at a site other than the Pitzer campus (e.g., hospital, school, nursing home, or other venue) we will need you to consider the emergency policies and procedures governing each of those sites. For guidance and/or assistance, please contact Thomas Borowski by emailing or Cece Manoochehri


  1. If is it feasible to move face-to-face contact with participants to an online platform (e.g., Zoom/Skype) you should consider doing so to maintain the research momentum.
  2. If suspending your research has the potential to impact reporting deadlines to your Senior Thesis, independent study or a funding source, contact the IRB.

IRB procedures:

All changes to approved protocols need to be made in accordance with IRB policies and procedures.

  1. Expedited studies:
    • For changes to expedited studies, submit a statement regarding the modification to Cece Manoochehri for review and approval, be sure to include your study number, title, and suspension details.
    • If you are planning to temporarily suspend study activities on expedited studies, please notify the IIRB by emailing Cece Manoochehri and be sure to include your study number, title, and suspension details.
  1. Exempt studies:
    • For changes to exempt studies, consult with the IRB to determine whether the changes impact the level of review. This will inform which procedure is appropriate for changes to each individual study.
  1. Full Board Review studies:
    • For changes to full board reviews studies, you need to submit an abstract detailing the changes to your study for so that IRB committee can review the request.

The IRB will process modifications, and handle questions and queries as promptly as possible to facilitate your ongoing research.


Thomas Borowski,
IRB Chair

Cece Manoochehri,
IRB Administrator