Institutional Review Board Response to COVID-19

Faculty, Students and Staff,

If you are currently conducting human subject research and/or if you are advising students who are conducting human subject research, that involves face-to-face interaction with participants, you can probably resume your normal protocols.

To the extent possible, you should practice a safe environment with all face-to face interaction with human participants. If is it feasible you should continue to use an online platform (e.g., Zoom/Skype) for your interviews. Keep in mind that Pitzer College has implemented some limitations on individuals not part of the Pitzer or other Claremont Colleges being on campus.

If you/your student are conducting face-to-face human subject research at a site other than the Pitzer campus (e.g., hospital, school, nursing home, or other venue) we will need you to consider the policies and procedures governing each of those sites. For guidance and/or assistance, please contact Thomas Borowski , IRB Chair, by emailing [email protected] or Cece Manoochehri, IRB Administrator, [email protected]