Task Force Charter

I. Sponsor: Office of Information Technology.

II. Purpose: Act on behalf of stakeholders in an effort to support, maintain, and extend Pitzer’s objectives and effectiveness of technology investments.

III. Objectives: To provide information technology and support services that:

A. Align with the educational and operational strategies and priorities of Pitzer College;

B. Are cost effective and within budget availability;

C. Are controlled to mitigate the risks associated with IT.

IV. Responsibilities:

A. Planning. To review and make recommendations on major strategies, opportunities and other subjects relating to:

1. Pitzer’s approach to technical support of educational and administrative processes;

2. The technology acquisition process;

3. Measurement, tracking systems and analytics important to successful service delivery.

B. Priorities and Projects.

1. Recommend appropriate criteria by which projects should be judged, including depth and breadth of impact, compliance with standards, overall cost and budget availability.

2. Review and recommend prioritization and appropriate monitoring for major projects with an information technology and/or information security component.

C. Policies and Compliance.

1. Review and recommend policies related to information technology security and risk.

2. Identify control objectives necessary for supporting the relevant compliance and security objectives of Pitzer College.

V. Membership: The Task Force shall be comprised of individuals representing a functional cross section of Pitzer College. Membership rotation will be staggered to maintain continuity of operations. Members will include:

A. Director of IT. Task Force Chair.

B. 2-3 Faculty members. Some of whom should have an interest in IT innovation in pedagogy. Some of whom should have an interest in IT support for research activities.

C. 2-3 Students. Designated by the Student Senate, with an interest in IT support for teaching and learning, administrative systems, and/or campus life.

D. 2-3 Staff. Each of whom should have an interest in one or more of: Business processes, Communications, Data Management or Analytics.