Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms allow you to divide your Zoom meeting into separate sessions (50 max.), with participants in each session. Breakout Rooms are nearly identical to a regular Zoom meeting. The Host can manually select or automatically assign participants to each separate session.

Hosts and Co-hosts can create and manage breakout rooms, move between rooms, and broadcast messages to all.

Quick Guides:

Enabling breakout rooms (hosts only)

  • Enable Breakout Rooms in Settings under your Zoom profile


  • Start Breakout Rooms by selecting Breakout Rooms on the Zoom toolbar

  • Select the number of Breakout Rooms.
  • Add participants automatically or manually
    • Automatically: Participants will be added evenly based on the number of rooms
    • Manually: Participants can be added in any combination
    • Let Participants choose room
  • Select Create Breakout Rooms to complete the setup. This does not start the Breakout Rooms


  • Once created, select “gear icon” for room settings
  • When ready, select Open All Rooms to start the breakout sessions with all participants in their assigned rooms. The host remains in the main session and will have to join a breakout room manually.


  • When all breakout rooms are opened, the host enters a room by selecting Join at the Participants count

  • When joining, all users will see this message while entering a breakout room

A breakout room behaves nearly identical to a typical Zoom meeting. Hosts and co-hosts must leave a room in order to join another. Participants can only remain in their assigned room or leave to the main session, or select another room if allowed about host/co-hosts.

  • Hosts and co-hosts can join another room or leave by selecting Leave Room
  • Hosts and co-hosts can also close all rooms, returning all participants to the main session

  • Hosts and co-hosts can move a participant to other rooms or Main Session

Communicating during

Hosts and co-hosts can only broadcast one-way messages to all rooms. Hosts and co-hosts cannot send chat messages to the breakout rooms from the main session. While inside a room, participants cannot send chat messages to the host while inside a room, but can request assistance.

  • Hosts can send a broadcast message by selecting the Breakout Room button, then Broadcast a message to all

  • Participants can select the Ask for Help button to call the attention of the host

  • Hosts will receive the following notice


Local and cloud recording are available in the main session of a breakout room, and are the same as any Zoom meeting. Local recording is only available while in a breakout room. If recording is desired, it is recommend that the host assign a participant the permission to record locally.

Pre-assigning participants

Hosts can pre-assign participants to a meeting. Participants require a Zoom account to be pre-assigned. All Pitzer students can create a basic Zoom account. Non-Pitzer students can create a Zoom account through their respective home college.

  • In a meeting settings, select Breakout Room pre-assign to add participants

  • Select Create Rooms to set assignments
  • Add participants by entering their name, or college email address

  • To open assigned rooms, select the Breakout Rooms button in a meeting, then Open All Rooms

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