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Service Description:

Wireless connections are available almost everywhere at Pitzer College.  There are multiple wireless networks that broadcast on not only Pitzer’s campus but across the Claremont Colleges.

Available to:

Staff, Faculty, Students, and Guests

How to access the service:

Below are specific network login instructions for each available network.


Claremont WPA is the “preferred” network among the Claremont Colleges.  This network provides you with the benefits of enterprise security and faster wireless connection speeds.

For this network you must use your Pitzer credentials in the following format to log in.

  • Username:  username@pitzer.edu
  • Password: enter your Pitzer password


Claremont ETC is for “simple connection” devices such as gaming, TV’s, speakers, etc.  This network has a private login.  Please contact the Helpdesk for more information and instructions.

Eduroam (Guests)

Eduroam is a global wireless network service used by many academic institutions.  This network is not only available at all of the Claremont Colleges but around the world.  When visiting a campus broadcasting “Eduroam”, login using your Pitzer credentials in the format:

  • Username:  username@pitzer.edu
  • Password: enter your Pitzer password

CINE (Guests)

CINE is used for basic browsing and is open to students, faculty, staff and guests.  CINE is not an encrypted network so it is less secure and should be used sparingly.


If help is needed, please send an email to help@pitzer.edu or call ext. 73065. Please provide a full name, phone number, location, and a brief description of the problem and a Network Technician will be dispatched.


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