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There are a number of technologies that you can use as a virtual whiteboard during live class time,  meetings or during pre-lecture recording. The following are a few examples available:

Microsoft Office with built-in drawing tools

Recent versions of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote) for Mac and Windows have built-in drawing or inking tools. You can use a mouse to draw onscreen (or digital pen/finger for touch screens). This feature is also available on select mobile app and web versions.

Refer to Draw and write with ink in Office for your specific Office version.



Zoom has a built-in whiteboard feature available for Mac, Windows and mobile versions. Hosts and participants can annotate in real-time. Participants must be enabled to annotate by the host.

  • Select the Share Screen button in the toolbar

  • Select Whiteboard > Share

  • The Whiteboard toolbar will appear with available options

  • Hosts can allow participants to annotate the whiteboard or other shared screens


Zoom with iPhone/iPad via Cable

Zoom has an option to use an iPhone/iPad via a lightning usb cable (or Airplay) as a writing tablet or other shared screen. When shared, the entire screen of your device will be displayed to all participants.

  • Connect your device, then select iPhone/iPad via Cable > Share
  • You may need to trust your connection on the iPhone/iPad

  • Once shared, your iPhone/iPad can be a whiteboard with any app, such as Word for iPad (as displayed)


Zoom with mobile device as “2nd screen”

Android and other devices can be joined as a participant using the Zoom app, where the host can display a whiteboard, apps or other shared screens as a secondary device.

  • From the secondary device, join with the meeting ID and rename participant appropriately if desired
  • Share screen as normal

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