New Student Orientation Sakai Site

New Student Orientation (NSO) information, First Year Seminar, placement exams and course registration instructions are available on Sakai, and can be accessed via one of the following:

Sakai login page

  • At the Central Authentication Service (CAS) login window
  • Select “Pitzer College”
  • Username format: username (do not include
  • And enter your password to Login

CAS login prompt

  • Select the “NSO Fall 2022” tab for information on FYS courses, placement exams, and orientations.

NSO Fall 2022 Sakai site

  • If the “NSO Fall 2022” tab does not appear:

1. Click the Sites button located in the upper-right corner
2. Find “NSO Fall 2022” from the list and click it to open
3. Or use the search box, “Filter sites,” to quickly find a site, and click to open
4. You can also click the arrow (v) to the right of a site to reveal its tools, then click on a tool to navigate there

NSO site search instructions

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