Print Credit


Service Description:

Students who wish to print on any of our campus printers will need to have available print credit on their account.

Available to:


How to access the service:

Students are allotted $15.00 worth of print credit at the beginning of each semester.  This credit applies to every page printed to the student printers on campus from the student’s account and is not transferable to cash.  When a student runs out of credit, they can add more using cash, check, or Claremont Cash.

Black & White Printing:  $0.05/per page

Color Printing:  $0.25/per page

Students can check their balance at any time by visiting the Pitzer Print page (found under the Resources menu on the main Pitzer website).  They can also transfer Claremont Cash to their account on this page.  For cash deposits, please visit the Help Desk in Bernard Lab.


  • If you come across a printer on campus that needs toner/paper, please visit this page.
  • For all specialty print jobs (IE: brochures, booklets, legal-sized posters, etc) please see the Duplicating office.  Please note that Duplicating does not take Print Credit, only cash or Claremont Cash.


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