OpenDNS Umbrella

Service Description:

The OpenDNS Umbrella is a Cisco service to provide an additional layer of network security against online threats such as Malware, Phishing, Botnets, and Ransomware. The service analyzes normal user DNS requests and reports data on known malicious sites. Users will be redirected to a warning page if a suspect site is identified.

Only anonymized statistics data is collected for reporting of top services and trends. This data is used only to mitigate security threats and does not block any other content.

Available to:


How to access the service:

All campus devices that connect to the Pitzer and other Claremont Colleges Wi-Fi and wired networks will be automatically protected. There is nothing additional to install or configure while on campus.

Anti-virus software will remain on all provided computers, and is still recommended for personal laptops.

Please contact the Help Desk for protection for devices while traveling, working off campus or studying aboard.

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