Copy of Email -Students (Gmail)


Service Description:

Your Pitzer-based Gmail account is a life-long email account as long as Google offers Gmail. Your account has unlimited amount of storage.

Available to:


How to access the service:

When you first log in to your Pitzer Google Apps account you will receive a setup screen to accept the terms of service. Enter the special characters and click the “I accept…” button at the bottom to finish the setup.

Once you have logged into the Google Apps web client, you will have access to the following services: email, calendar, web-based documents and spreadsheets. You can even chat with other students as well as people in your Contacts list.


Using Other Email Clients

If you prefer to use your own personal email client software such as Outlook, Entourage, or IPhone, you will need to configure the settings. On your initial log in to Google Apps you created a password. This password is used specifically to authenticate your Google mail with your email client software. Follow the instructions below for, GMail, POP and IMAPsetups or visit the Google apps help center for specific email client instructions.


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