Duo Two-Factor Authentication – Enrollment Instructions

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Duo allows you to utilize a device, such as a mobile phone, as an additional layer of security.  Follow the enrollment instructions below to setup a mobile phone or landline as your authentication device.  You can add additional devices in the future by taking a look at our quick guide link below.  If you do not wish to use your personal phone or landline, hardware tokens can be provided by contacting the Helpdesk.


Click on one of the resource links below to initiate the Duo setup prompt.  Click on the login button where applicable.

You will be redirected to the Claremont Colleges Central Authentication Service (CAS) page.
Choose Pitzer from the drop down menu then enter your username and password.

Click Start setup to begin enrolling your device.

Decide which authentication device you’d like to enroll (I.E…mobile, landline, security key (token), etc…)

Mobile Phone Instructions:

Select Mobile phone. Click Continue.

duo mobile

Select your country from the drop-down list and type your phone number.
Choose what type of phone you have. You can choose “other” if you are not sure.
Click Continue.
You will get the following screen. Keep it open while you do the next step.

duo install mobile


Install the Duo Mobile app from Google play, the App store, or Windows Store.  The Duo Mobile app runs on your smartphone and helps you authenticate quickly and easily. While you may be asked to provide your app store ID and password, the Duo Mobile app is free!

After installation return to the enrollment window on your computer and click I have
Duo Mobile installed.

Activate your device. The iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone activate Duo
Mobile by scanning the QR barcode with the mobile app’s built-in barcode scanner.
Make sure you allow access to your camera when asked.

duo qr code

Click Continue.
Click Continue to Login.
That’s it!

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Landline Instructions:

Select Landline.
Choose Continue.

duo landline

Enter your phone number including area code.
Enter your extension if there is one.

Check the box to confirm your landline number.
Click Continue.
Click Continue to Login.

That’s it!

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Security Keys (Tokens)

Contact the Information Technology Help Desk to request a token.

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