Duo Two-Factor Authentication

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Service Description:

Duo verifies user identities with two-factor authentication and checks the security health of their devices before granting access to Pitzer’s applications and intranet.  Duo allows you to utilize a device, such as a mobile phone, as an additional layer of security. Your Pitzer username and password are your first level of security, now your mobile phone, landline, or passcode will be the second.

Available to:

Faculty, Staff and Students

How to access the service:

You will automatically be prompted to go thru the Duo enrollment process upon accessing any of our protected resources for the first time.  For future visits you will enter your username and password and then be redirected to the Duo screen for verification.  If you do not wish to use your personal phone or landline, hardware tokens can be provided.

Click on the links below for user enrollment instructions and quick guides.

If you experience difficulty authenticating or have device issues, contact the Pitzer Information Technology Helpdesk.


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