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Have you uploaded your vaccination card to Healthy Pitzer?

Watch this special PSA from faculty member, Dan Hirsch, and his pal Mr. Potassium.

Pitzer Community Members can use our Healthy Pitzer app to:

  • Fill out the Daily Healthy Screening Questionnaire for every campus visit.
  • Schedule your COVID-19 Screening Test On-Site
  • Upload your COVID-19 Vaccination Card

Testing Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9 am-1 pm 8 am-12 pm /
1 pm-3 pm
9 am-1 pm 8 am-12 pm /
1 pm-3 pm
Diagnostic Apt Only

No access to a computer or smartphone on campus? To fill out the Questionnaire in person, please follow these directions:
In-Person Questionnaire

Por ayuda en espanol:

Daily Health Screening Questionnaire (in Spanish)

Copy of the Consent Documents (in Spanish)