Purchasing of Pitzer Computers/Buyouts


Service Description:

Existing Pitzer computers/hardware can be purchased at the end of their active service subject to the following:

Pitzer agrees to charge no more than the actual cost and/or or fair-market value of the hardware
plus any applicable taxes and fees. i.e. a “profitless” transaction.

Personal Use
Pitzer’s office of Information Technology will allow purchase or “buy-out” of hardware only if
that hardware is to be used for personal use. Offices, Field Groups, and other official Pitzer
College entities must receive explicit permission to be exempt from this policy and only then on a
case-by-case basis.

Equipment to be purchased “as-is” and Pitzer College makes no explicit or implied warranties
and assumes no responsibility for performance of a product or its fitness for a particular use.

In adherence to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) all data will be wiped
from the hard drive(s) and memory of the device before transfer of ownership. There can be no

Available to:

Faculty, Staff

How to access the service:

Contact Pitzer’s Helpdesk first to make sure that the computer in question is available for purchase/buyout. From there, we can provide you with the relevant forms and help with the next steps.


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