Assistive Learning Technology

Service Description:

Assistive learning technologies provide tools that help students manage learning difficulties associated with different types of physical disabilities or injuries. The support IT provides fall into three types: text to speech, speech recognition and visual mapping.

Kurzweil (text to speech)
This is an integrated literacy software that helps with learning difficulties associated with dyslexia or attention deficit disorder. It is regarded as “text to speech reader” software for dyslexia, blind and vision impaired; provides reading, writing and test-taking accommodations.

Kurzweil Training Videos
Kurzweil User Guides

Speech Recognition (speech to text)

Free on personal laptops and mobile devices. Installation and setup instructions here.

Inspiration (visual mapping)
A visual mapping and outline software that helps students to brainstorm ideas, organize and analyze information, integrate new knowledge and think critically.

Free Mind is free and open source program offering similar features as Inspiration. is free and similar web version.

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How to access the service:

Contact Help Desk for installation and questions.

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