Academic Portal

Service Description:

The MyCampus2 Academic Portal is a web page gateway to many services. It contains numerous applications for candidates, faculty, and students.

The MyCampus2 Academic Portal provides:

Candidates Faculty Students
5-college schedule & registration* X X X
Admission Documents X
Class Lists X
Grade Entry X
Low Grade Notices X
Online Advising X
PERMission to Enroll System X X
Personal Schedule X X
Academic Information
(ID number, advisor, major, account holds, etc.)
Collegiate Link X
Claremont Connect X
Financial Aid Information X
GPA Projection X
Grade Report X
Housing Information (incl. floor plans) X
Meal Plans X
Official Transcripts** X
Unofficial Transcripts X

* No account required for schedule lookups
** Must be a currently enrolled student

Account Creation:

Staff: HR contacts IT to setup the proper accounts.

Faculty: HR contacts IT to setup the proper accounts.

Students: Admissions contacts IT to setup the proper accounts.

Available to:

Everyone (some features require an account)

How to access the service:

MyCampus2 Portal

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