Policies -Student User Agreement

Use of your computer accounts and their services are a privilege. By signing the account agreement, you have agreed to obey the rules and policies of the Pitzer Information Technology Department. Failure to follow these rules will result in the loss of this privilege.

Student users will only use one computer at a time.

Student user are responsible for choosing a password during his/her first session, and for maintaining its security. (You will be prompted to change your password periodically for security purposes).

Each student user is assigned an individual account and will use this account only. Student users will be expected to show some form of identification to verify their identity when acquiring their account. Student users misrepresenting themselves while using any of Pitzer’s computer resources will not be tolerated. This refers especially to sending e-mail messages using a falsified name or someone else’s account.

Computer resources may not be used to engage in abuse of other users, such as sending abusive or obscene messages within or beyond Pitzer via the network.

The computer accounts of other users are private. Any person(s) caught violating or copying from another user’s files without that user’s permission may lose their system privileges.

Users are not permitted to let friends or relatives use their accounts. Anyone violating this is subject to having his/her privileges revoked.

Unauthorized use of the computer network WILL NOT be tolerated. Disciplinary action will be taken. This includes attempting to break into other systems.

ANY process, which might result in a loss of effectiveness or possible system malfunction, should first be cleared with either the System Manager or the Lab Manager before attempting to execute the program.

ANY changes to the content or configurations of any system or computer MUST first be cleared with either the System Manager or the Lab Manager. Abusive or improper use of computer resources is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, misuse of system-operator privileges, tampering with equipment, unauthorized attempts at repairing equipment, any unauthorized removal of equipment components, and adding and running any programs outside of the established computer lab software.

Students using the system are subject to Federal, state, and local laws. Violation of copyright laws will not be tolerated. Copyrighted material will be removed, this includes images, software that is not licensed, music and video.

No commercial use of any computing service is allowed.

Users should follow all reasonable instructions given by the consultant on duty.

Any concerns regarding the appropriate use of technology resources should be forwarded in writing or via E-mail to the Lab Manager.

Students are responsible for their own data. All files should be saved either to a disk or to the user’s home directory. Any files that are NOT saved in a user’s home directory are subject to erasure. The systems are cleaned out on a regular basis.

The precedence for the use of a computer is:

Any faculty or staff member of Pitzer College who has reserved time for “academic activities”. “Academic activities” is defined as research, class use, and class assignments.

Any Computing staff member doing work related to their position

Any student of Pitzer College who has reserved time for “academic activities”

Any student, faculty or staff member of Pitzer College NOT having previously reserved time for academic activities.

Any student, faculty, or staff member of any of the other Claremont Colleges who has his or her own valid account.

Anyone exploring the system without a specific plan of action.

Note: Priority for computers with scanners goes to students having assignments or class projects.

Please, sign and date below and return this portion to one of the Lab Consultants.
I have read and understand the policies outlined in the COMPUTER USER AGREEMENT.