All About Software

This week’s tip: All about Software!

What software do we offer/support, who is it available to, and how do I get it?

Our Team has launched a new webpage to our Pitzer community members to help shed some light on the confusion of all things Software here:

This webpage showcases:

Software recommendations based off of function.  Are you looking for a tool for document creation, presentations, screen recording, video/films, chat, file storage, time scheduling, or polls?  We have a quick reference guide to provide you with recommendations of software we support and are licensed for.


Academic software information on what you’ll expect to find, whether the students can get it on their own devices, or if it’s in our computer labs.


Speaking of Computer Labs

We are introducing a virtual computer lab option for our students this semester.  We know a lot of our students relied on the computer lab to gain access to certain software or for a reliable computer, and so we’re offering a way for students to remote into our computer lab machines – both Mac and PC.

For more information and instructions on accessing the Virtual Computer Lab, please see this page:

Peer-Recommended Tools are also listed on the webpage.  Generally here you’ll see freeware that staff and faculty have openly used and recommended, even though it may not be fully supported by our IT Staff.  If you have any recommendations you’d like us to add to this list, please let me know.


We wanted to roll this webpage out as soon as possible, but please know that we will be continuing to improve and add to it as the semester progresses.  We are planning on adding more information like video tutorials, contact info for other colleges’ IT departments, and more!

If you have any questions or would like help, please reach out to out Help Desk at [email protected]

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