Summer 2016 Media Studies Courses

All summer courses are held at Pitzer College

Pitzer College

MS 049 PZ: Introduction to Media Studies

MW 7:00pm-10:10pm. PZ Campus, West Hall, Q120

This course introduces the discipline of media studies to students and gives them foundational knowledge of the field. The readings and screenings comprise a range of approaches and will allow students to address media in a variety of styles and modes of practice, including film, television, and new media. Instructor: Affuso, Elizabeth.[Intro. Critical]

MS 050 PZ: Introduction to Film

T Th 7:00pm-10:10pm. PZ Campus, West Hall Q120 

Film and video are often considered to be a distinct semiotic system or art form with their own “language.” This course surveys the variety of structures which can organize moving pictures: from Hollywood continuity editing, Soviet montage and cinema verité to voice-over documentary, talking-heads and postmodern voices with no center at all. The course includes silent film, classic Hollywood narrative, avant-garde film and video, documentary and activist video. Instructor: M. Ma [Introductory]

MS 082 PZ: Introduction to Video Art

MW 1:00pm-4:10pm. PZ Campus, West Hall P104 & Q116

This is an introductory course In digital video production. This class encourages a critical, creative approach to the medium, non-traditional solutions, and explanation of the history and methodology of independent video and video art. Class session combines hands-on technical training in script writing, storyboarding, camera operation, off-line and non-linear editing, lighting and sound equipment with critical analysis of subject matter, treatment, and modes of address in independent as well as mass media. Instructor: Hutin, Stephanie. [Enrollment is limited. Fee: $150.] [Production]