Fall 2022 End of Semester Screenings

The Intercollegiate Media Studies Program of the Claremont Colleges and the Robert Redford Conservancy for Southern California Sustainability presents:


Saturday, December 10th, 2-4PM 

This is a virtual screening of a series of films created by the Ecodocumentary students at the Claremont Colleges in collaboration with environmental activists across the Inland Empire.

The program will feature the six documentaries:

  • Lily Wellington, Solange Baker and Eli Protas – “Voices” 8 mins.
  • Alex Chun, Katherine Lin and Athena Manthouli – “The Crescent – Water is our Crop” 8 mins.
  • Krissah Rolle, Suwebat Solebo and Derrius Rahman – “Pomona Grown: We can feed ourselves” 8.5 mins.
  • Alexandra MacDonald, Tessa Van Buren and Gabriela Camacho – “Adelanto” 9 mins.
  • Anna Beattie, Emma Duggleby and Diana Simonds – “Can You See the Mountains?” 8 mins.
  • Ben Lauren, Hayley Manges and Joseph Cox – “Gateway” 14 mins.


The Fall 2022 End of Semester ’23 and Media Screenings will be on Wednesday, December 7th (All Participating Production Classes), and Thursday, December 8th (Senior Projects) in Benson Auditorium (PZ Campus). 

IMS Spring Senior Day Schedule of events – December 8, 2022 (11am-7pm) at Benson Auditorium/Media Center (PZ Campus)

  • 11am-12:15pm: Digital/Electronic and Critical Studies Panels (Benson Auditorium)
    • 11-12:15: Old/New Media
      • Jordan Klein, Camille Creighton, Zoya Nawaz, Ava Liao, Linda Dai, Shirley Gu
  • 12:15-1pm: Lunch (Benson Lobby/Mounds)
  • 1-3:30pm: Digital/Electronic and Critical Studies Panels Continued (Benson Auditorium)
    • 1-2: Genre
      • Jane Baldwin, Jackie Johnson, Amaya Duncan, Alia Biswas
    • 2:15-3:30: Sound+Performance
      • Drew Liptrot, Jamie Byers, Hayley Manges, Jose Luna Lopez, Brian Bishop, Rose Gil

3:45-4:45pm: Film/Video Screening (Benson Auditorium)

    • Lucas Cunningham – “The Man in the Fiber Optic Cable” 7.5 mins. (excerpt)
    • Cadence Davis – “Operation School Bell on Wheels: An Observational Documentary ” 5.5 mins.
    • Gigi Hume – “Trial By Firestorm: The Depp v. Heard Defamation Trial and The Generation of Affect” 6 mins. (excerpt)
    • Kenric Jameison – ” D3: The Path For Opportunity ” 5.5 mins.
    • Amanda Goldman – “A Day in my Life” 6 mins.
    • Evan Johnson – “Sagehen Running” 5 mins.
    • Adrian Ramos – “The Art of Sport” 6 mins.
    • Sabrina Stone – “Stories from Strangers” 4 mins.


  • 5-7pm: Gallery opening/Drinks (Kallick Gallery/Q116/Q114/Q117 in the Media Center)
    • Sophie de Castro, Mena Dolinh, Zach Fineberg, Ricky Lin, Vivian Montiero, Anvitha Pentaparthy, Noelle Song, LP Spencer, Shannen Sulpizio, Alyssa Leong
  • 6pm on: Dinner/Dessert (West Hall Courtyard)


IMS EndofSemester Screening event: December 7, 2022 4-6pm at Benson Auditorium (PZ Campus)

The 87 minute program featured works by:

MS045 Documentary Media (Prof. Lerner)

  • Kayla Hankins, Charlie Clarke and Mariana Duran – “Behind The Prime” 10 mins.
  • Amairany Macias, Bansi Patel and Anna Beattie – “ms 45|54 SM” 8 mins.

MS 048 PZ: Digital Media Ethnography (Prof. Esmaeli)

  • Patrick Wilson – “Stag Love” 3.5
  • Jason Nguyen – “If I drop out tomorrow” 4 mins.
  • Alex Chun – “Hope” 7 mins.
  • Jacob Neville and Charles O’Brien – “New Precedent” 4 mins.

MS082-01:  Intro to Video Art (Prof. Kaneko)

  • Tania Azhang – “Two” 2 mins.
  • Daisy Okazaki – “Self Portrait” 5 mins.
  • Elise Jones – “Confetti” 3.5 mins.
  • Rachel Uy – “R Uy P5 Cut” 4.5 mins.
  • Talula Stack – “No Title” 2 mins.
  • Ally Fleming – ” Thalassophobia ” 3 mins.

 MS082-02:  Intro to Video Art (Prof. Kaneko)

  • Rohan Huang – ” BOMB ” 1.5 mins.
  • Joey Cacciarelli – “Writer’s Block” 2.5 mins.
  • James (Max) Ranney – “The Process of Spiraling” 4 mins.
  • John Choi – “On Memory” 2 mins.
  • Ava Ledes – “All in an Ant’s Day” 5 mins.
  • Gerrit Punt – “Hubris” 1 mins.

MS194 MASJ (Prof. Lamb)

  • ” Ovahness Mini Ball @ Freewaves X•aMEN•ing Event ” 7.5 mins. This video is made in collaboration with Legendary Sean Milan Garcon and MS students Aman Ahmed, Anna Feinerman, and Regan Rudman
  • “Riverside Rez Dogs: A Commentary Show S2-EP2” 9 mins. This video is created with students at Sherman Indian High School mentored by MS students Anna Beattie, Emmy Dudley & Diana Simonds

This event will be immediately followed by the MS057 Intro to Game Design (Prof. Wing) play testing event in Broad Performance Space.

Game designs by: Jamie Byers, Mia Celeste, August Cosinuke, Niles Dorn, Lu Helbling, Anna Jones, Ella Lehavi, Isabel Li, Ricky Lin, Drew Liptrot, Skylar Masuda, Nicole McDermott, Natalie Park, Claire Partridge, Regan Rudman, Kelsey Van Allen and Ruby Wang.