Equipment Contract/Grant Form

This semester since we will be working remotely, there will be no in-person equipment checkouts at the Production Center. The online equipment reservation system will also not be available this semester.

If your class requires a smartphone video kit or other essential equipment, the Production Center will be mailing them (via the USPS) to your home address, so please enter all the required information in the contract form:

Fall 2020 Equipment Contract

All students in IMS Production classes are required to fill out the equipment contract form before you are approved to receive any equipment.

The Production Center uses Webcheckout software for all equipment checkouts, and for edit room reservations during normal in-person operations, but we will continue to use it for maintaining any equipment rentals.


If you would like to apply for a MS190 Senior Seminar Equipment Grant, please fill out the following form:

MS190 Senior Seminar Grant Form

The Production Center will review your grant proposal, and we will contact you if your request is approved.