Contract Form / Webcheckout

All students in IMS Production classes are required to fill out the equipment contract form before you are approved to checkout equipment. Please enter all the required information in the form:

Fall 2022 Equipment Contract

The Production Center will open on Monday 9/12/22.

Production Center Hours:
Monday – Thursday: 9AM – 9PM

Friday: 9AM – 5PM

Equipment checkout days are Mondays and Thursdays 

Equipment Check-in: 9AM – 1PM

Equipment Checkout: 1PM – 8:30PM

The Production Center uses Webcheckout for equipment and edit room reservations. Please use your Sakai user name and password to access Webcheckout (You must be fill out the form above before you can use Webcheckout).  

To access the reservation system please click on the following link:

Equipment Room and Edit Room Reservations

  • On the Central Authentication Service login screen, please select Pitzer College (regardless of your home campus).

  • Type in your network username and your password.
  • For non-PZ students, use the password that was given to you by the Production Center or Pitzer IT.

On the Webcheckout Patron Portal page, select IMS Production Center to reserve equipment.


If at anytime during the semester you need to change your Pitzer password, please visit this link: