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Media Studies Program Overview

media-studies-classroom-officeMedia Studies is a cooperative program with the other Claremont Colleges that teaches the production, theory, history, and social context of the visual media including film, video, photography, and digital technologies. Our production courses are not oriented toward traditional narrative film or television; rather they stress “independent” narrative forms, video art, documentary, community-based and activist media. The Media Studies component of the program utilizes theoretical and historical models which link different academic disciplines and eliminate boundaries separating media theory from media production.

The courses cover a variety of topics, and they reflect a commitment to social diversity and to intercultural and interdisciplinary understanding. They link film, video, photography, and digital technologies to such disciplines as art, anthropology, sociology, political studies, world literature, and women’s studies.

The 5Cs have recently adopted a new Intercollegiate Media Studies media studies major that features three tracks. The three tracks are: Film/Video; Digital/Electronic Media; and Critical Studies.

About the Production Center

media-studies-roomThe Mosbacher/Gartrell Center for Media Experimentation and Activism at Pitzer College is a professional-standard post-production facility. Students have access to a wide range of the latest imaging, editing, animation, sound and graphics software. It also includes a student-run equipment room and screening lounge.

The Center is located in West Hall Q125 on the Pitzer College campus.

Stephanie Hutin
Director of Media Studies Production

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Eddie Gonzalez
Asst. Director of Media Studies Production

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