Global Local Mentorship Program (GLMP)

The Global Local Mentorship Program (GLMP) is an initiative started during the 2013-14 academic year to provide first-year students with the opportunity to participate in community engagement and study abroad early in college via the mentorship of their Freshman Year Seminar (FYS) instructors who are also their first-year advisors. Early participation in these “high impact practices” is intended to positively impact students academic and psycho-social development. During the 2017-18 academic year, ALL first-year students will have the option to participate in the GLMP.

Students who opt-in to the GLMP have to fulfill a “4-semester plan” that includes:

  1. Fall Semester 2017: Complete an advising session with a Study Abroad adviser between now and December 11 and enroll in the GLMP Seminar for Spring 2018
  2. Spring Semester 2018: Take the GLMP Seminar, participate in the spring break study tour to Quito, Ecuador, develop a local community engagement project, and apply to one of the Pitzer-run programs by February 1
  3. Fall 2018 or Spring 2019: Study abroad during sophomore year in a Pitzer-run program (Botswana, Brazil*, Costa Rica**, Ecuador, Italy, Nepal, or Vietnam*)  *Summer program, **Semester & summer program
  4. Spring 2019: Declare major

Previous GLMP Study Tours

2014 Costa Rica

The Pitzer Global/Local Mentorship soccer team which lost 5-1 to a local soccer team in Dominical, Costa Rica, March 20, 2014

The GLMP trip to Costa Rica during spring break took place near Dominical on the Firestone Center and focused on the theme of restorative ecology. Students’ experiences were anchored in homestays with Costa Rican families. Participants included 19 students and 9 faculty/staff. 

2015 Ecuador 


The GLMP trip to Ecuador during spring break took place in Quito and focused on the theme of indigeneity. Students’ experiences were anchored in homestays with Ecuadoran families. Participants included 14 students and 5 faculty/staff.

2016 Vancouver Island, BC & US/Costa Rica (March)

Bahia, Brazil & Botswana/South Africa (May)

Vancouver Island, BC- GLMP 2016

The GLMP trip to Vancouver Island, British Columbia focused on indigenous communities and First Nations. Participants stayed at O.U.R. Ecovillage a permaculture based, sustainable community. Thirteen (13) students and 5 faculty/staff participated on the tour.


The GLMP trip to Delano/La Paz, California (4 days) and San Jose, Costa Rica (6 days) focused on various facets of farm labor rights and organizing. In La Paz students stayed at X facility and in Costa Rica were placed in homestays. Seven (7) students and 2 faculty/staff participated on the tour.

GLMP Brazil 2016

The GLMP trip to Brazil focused on various aspects of the African presence in Salvador da Bahia. The trip was organized in collaboration with the Instituto Cultural Steve Biko. Students were placed in homestays during the weekend of the trip. Ten (10) students and 5 faculty/staff participated on the tour.

GLMP Botswana 2016The GLMP trip to South Africa/Botswana focused on various issues such as big game conservation, tourism and health care. Student participants stayed with host families in the village of Manyana. Thirteen (13) students and 4 faculty/staff participated on the trip.