General Questions Regarding the Change

Workday Time Tacking and Absence Management (WDTT & AM) will replace Kronos Central, the system currently used to track time worked, request time off, and to view time off accruals for vacation, sick, and personal time. Current time clocks will also be replaced with new time clocks.

The transition will take place in January 2023 and will include the New Years Eve holiday (December 31, 2022). Hourly staff and students will begin to enter time worked on January 3rd.

Workday Time Tracking and Absence Management (WDTT & AM) are part of the Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) ecosystem and Workday HCM is already being used at Claremont to manage a variety of employee information. The implementation of WDTT & AM will unify HR and employee functions in one modern system that employees are already using to track compensation, access W-2s and payslips and to review/select benefits, among other important employee-related HR and Payroll functions.  WDTT & AM will provide a familiar experience for employees while also streamlining time tracking processes, reducing errors, and enhancing reporting for managers.

This change will impact all staff, including student employees, temporary and contingent workers, and faculty that manages staff and students.

While some of the language that we use will remain the same, some terminologies in Workday will be different. For example, in Workday, “absences” include “time off” (such as vacation, sick, and PTO) and leaves of absence. Training and reference materials will be provided to support the transition to using different terminology.

Kronos Transition Questions

No. All time tracking and absence information will be fully transitioned to and managed in Workday. As of as 1/1/2023, Kronos will no longer be available to employees.

Yes, all time off balances will transfer to Workday.

Yes, approved time off submitted via Kronos will be transferred to Workday.

The ability to clock in and out will be available on the newly established iPads, which have replaced the Kronos timeclocks. Employees will also be able to clock in and out using their mobile device, if preferred.

General Workday Questions

Yes! You are able to access the majority of time tracking functions directly from you mobile device through Workday’s mobile application. Click here for instructions on downloading the Workday application to your mobile device.

Time is auto-saved as it is entered.  

Workday automatically calculates overtime hours based upon the employee’s job and applicable contract. Overtime hours will display at the top of the employee’s Workday timesheet as the hours are entered.

More information and direction on how to edit your timesheet is dependent on your access. For details, please reach out to Human Resources.

When you enter a block of time into your timesheet, select the appropriate job from the “Positions” dropdown menu in the window followed by the available “Time Type”. Students should make sure they are not entering time on the Default Student position.

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