Student Activity Documents

Event Funding Request

SAC (Student Activities Committee), One Time Events (overseen by PAct), and Senate Budgetary Committee have funding available for student-sponsored events, new clubs and conference attendance.

Descriptions of Funding Sources:

  • One Time Events (OTE) - Provides funding to encourage and support students in coordinating events that enhance campus life at Pitzer.  The funding is can be used for cultural/educational events (up to $300), social events (up to $150), or senior projects (up to $150). OTE cannot fund any 5-C party events, off-campus events, travel fees, honorariums, or alcohol.
  • Student Activities Committee (SAC) - Funds on-campus party requests and fund 5-C party requests.
  • Senate Budget Committee - Allocate funds to existing clubs, new clubs, conferences, on-campus events with expected significant Pitzer student attendance.

Fill out the online Event Funding Request Form. Contact with questions about event funding. For more information about funding resource look at the Co-Curricular and Academic Funding Resources for Pitzer College Students website.

Register Student-Sponsored Events

If your club would like to host a major student-sponsored event on campus, visit the Major Student-Sponsored Events page for complete details.
Vendor Contracts / Invoices & Financial Forms
A performance contract should be completed for events that involve services provided by a professional band, act, etc. If your service provider does not have their own contract, please download a generic Performance Contract. Download the guidelines of what the process will be for your service provider to be paid.
Room/Outdoor Space Reservation
If you are planning an event, you must make room/outdoor space reservations. You can check the availability of spaces and make reservations using the room reservation system.

Van Reservation Form

  • • Pitzer has 5 mini-vans. Each van seats 7 people, including the driver.
  • • The vans may be used in support of the College’s academic program, for administrative purposes, and for approved student activities.
  • • The vans may only be driven by persons approved by the Office of Risk Management to drive college vehicles. Persons who have not been approved may not drive the vans.
  • • Driver Approvals are done through Human Resources.
  • • Persons approved to drive at any of the other Claremont Colleges may also drive Pitzer vehicles.
  • • Mileage will be charged to your club or organization at a rate of 70¢ per mile.

To reserve Pitzer vans for your event, fill out the Van Reservation Form.

Graphics Request Form

Under certain circumstances the Pitzer College Office of Communications may be able to assist you or your organization in terms of advertising and publicity for specific events. The graphic department is able to produce professional quality posters, postcards, table tents, etc. This service requires prior approval by contacting the Office of Communications (909.621.8219) and a completed graphics request form to be on file with a minimum of two weeks notice. The Office of Communications may be able to provide other services to assist with you event.
Fill out the Graphics Request Form