Catalogue – Wunderkammer

    Wunderkammer Catalog Cover
  • Catalogue – Wunderkammer

    Wunderkammer January 24 – March 26, 2015 Curated by Ciara Ennis Pitzer College Art Galleries 105 pages, with color reproductions, 8″ x 6″ ISBN: 978-0-9966445-0-1 Foreword by Glenn Harcourt Essays by Christopher Michno and Ciara Ennis Catalogue designed by Stephanie Estrada

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  • Cattle in the Amazon

    Jaider Esbell October 10 – November 27, 2013 Barbara Hinshaw Gallery, Grove House; McConnell Living Room, McConnell Center The exhibition presents paintings that reflect on indigenous and global discourses of nature, sustainability, and development in the Amazon. There is a particular concern with the cosmologies and historical experiences of the Macuxi Indians and other groups […]

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    Military: Still from American Sitcom (2014)
  • American Sitcom

    A *candy factory project September 20 – December 5, 2014 Lenzner Family Art Gallery American Sitcom is a new site-specific work by Takuji Kogo and Mike Bode of Candy Factory made for Pitzer College Art Galleries. A multi-channel video installation, American Sitcom uses text animations of transcriptions of monologues taken from online V-loggers’ videos that […]

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    (dis)order: Senior Thesis Exhibition 2014
  • (dis)order: Senior Art Exhibition 2014

    Virginia Anton, Heather Bejar, Juliana Bernstein, Corinne Monaco, Yeyo Nolasco, Maiana Radack Krassner, Maggie Shaffran, Pete Siegel, Elena Thomas, XL Wee, Jaya Williams May 1-17, 2014 Pitzer College Art Galleries: Nichols Gallery, Broad Center Barbara Hinshaw Memorial Gallery, Grove House Salathé Gallery, McConnell Center Virginia Anton I am on a search to understand and accept […]

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    Detail, Black Flag Macramé (2013); Plexiglass mirror, aluminum rod, macramé rope, raku ceramic bead
  • Sleep to Dream

    Site-specific installation by Martin Durazo ’90 January 21-May 17, 2014 Lenzner Family Art Gallery The idea of housing a large population of strangers from varied backgrounds is a time-honored tradition among institutions of higher education. However, as a result of this abrupt integration, the student is torn between desiring social acceptance and the need for […]

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    Catalogue Cover - Andrea Bowers
  • Catalogue – Andrea Bowers

    Andrea Bowers: #sweetjane January 21 – March 28, 2014 Curated by Ciara Ennis and Rebecca McGrew Pitzer College Art Galleries 184 pages, with color reproductions, 11” x 8” ISBN: 978-0-9856251-3-9 Essays by Maria Elena Buszek, Peter R. Kalb Section texts by Andrea Bowers Interview by Ciara Ennis Introduction by Rebecca McGrew Catalogue designed by Kimberly Varella

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    Catalogue cover - Arthur Dubinsky: The Life and Times of Pitzer College
  • Catalogue – Arthur Dubinksy

    Arthur Dubinksy: The Life and Times of Pitzer College January 21-May 17, 2014 Organized by Ciara Ennis Pitzer College Art Galleries 120 pages, with black and white reproduction ISBN: 978-0-9829956-6-2 Essays by Laura Skandera Trombley and Stacy Elliott Edited by Susan Warmbrunn Catalogue designed by Stephanie Estrada

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    Anonymous demanding justice for a teen raped by members of the high school football team, Steubenville, OH, 2013. Photo: Andrea Bowers
  • #sweetjane

    ONE EXHIBITION IN TWO PARTS Pitzer College Art Galleries January 21-March 28, 2014 Pomona College Museum of Art January 21-April 13, 2014 The exhibition “#sweetjane” includes new work by Los Angeles-based artist Andrea Bowers that examines the notorious Steubenville, Ohio, high school rape case. In addition to a new series of drawings, “#sweetjane” comprises a […]

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